Monday, February 21, 2011

Audio Visual Speech Outline

General purpose: to inform
Specific purpose: to inform my audience of the prevalence of antibiotic resistance strains of bacterial
                           infections, and how this issue will affect the medical community and socienty
Thesis:  The misuse of antibiotics has created a problem that will require the full attention of the medical
             community in the next decade

1.  Modern medicine began with the discovery of penecillin 83 years ago.

a.) Antibiotics were considered "miracle drugs."
b.) Common, feared illnesses were easy to treat:
                                                septacemia (blood poisoning)
c.) Due to misuse and overprescription, bacteria has adapted, antibotic era is coming to a close
d.) Creation of "superbugs" like MRSA and resistant TB


1.) The causes and effects of antibiotic misuse
2..) Bacterial resistance
3.)  Future of antibiotics


1. What does this mean?
a.) bacterial infections will be harder to treat:
b.) transplant surgeries are nearly impossible
c.) Pnemonia and tuberculosis will make a huge comeback

2. Each of us has a responsiblity to hold off this problem as long as possible

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